The dictum that “The only constant is change” is of course true for every living being on the planet, and it’s the Eighth House that articulates transformation of all kinds, both positive and negative. The “Rishis” (wise ones) who designed Jyotish knew that “Change is hard” for most people and provided various tools to look at how, when and why it takes place in our lives. Here are the top two, and these will be examined in every reading …

DASHAS – One of the unique and brilliant things this system does is break peoples’ lives down into a series of phases (Dashas) that range from 7 to 21 years long. These can be very useful in terms of planning (or just explaining) life shifts and events – the flow of one’s life through time. At its core, astrology is a kind of calendar system, and it is often incredibly valuable just to have a timetable …

TRANSITS – The solar system is dynamic and constantly on the move. Every planet has a unique effect on every horoscope, depending on where it is in the sky (Jupiter and Saturn in particular). It’s important that we examine this if we want to paint an accurate astrological picture for a client – one that addresses the transformations that must surely be happening in their life.