12th House Transcend The Twelfth House, or “Moksha Bhava” speaks of (among other things) the role of spirituality and detachment in our lives. Because of the transcendental nature of this house, I don’t think it’s appropriate to use it for any kind of mundane or transactional messaging. Jyotish, like any other spiritual practice, has the… Continue reading Transcend


11th House Friends The Eleventh House represents, among other things, the circles of community and friendship that one creates in life. I’d like to use this space to mention some people I love, as well as some resources related to this practice … My teacher, Sanjay Rath’s website: Encyclopedic website of marvelous vedic astro… Continue reading Friends


10st House Services The Tenth House is the “karma bhava” – the house of ACTION – and the appropriate place for me to say what I actually offer in my practice as well as related, action-oriented topics … Natal Readings. I recommend every client start here, with a full examination of their chart. This takes… Continue reading Services


9th House Teacher The Ninth House is the house of wisdom and a great place for me to say a few words about my teacher …. Pandit Sanjay Rath comes from Puri, in Orissa, India, where his family lineage traces back to Shri Achyuta Das, a seminal 16th century mystic, astrologer and poet. His grandfather… Continue reading Teacher


8th House Transform The dictum that “The only constant is change” is of course true for every living being on the planet, and it’s the Eighth House that articulates transformation of all kinds, both positive and negative. The “Rishis” (wise ones) who designed Jyotish knew that “Change is hard” for most people and provided various… Continue reading Transform


7th House Testimonials The Seventh House rules the OTHER, and our relationship therewith, so it’s an appropriate place to provide a few of the client testimonials I have received for my work in astrology …. I find your practice to be so helpful and grounding. I feel motivated to use the information to make my… Continue reading Testimonials


6th House Remedies The Sixth House, among other things, holds clues to diseases that might affect us, as well as to cures. Although I don’t claim to be able to cure diseases, Vedic astrology does offer a number of remedies which work by strengthening the positive aspects of a chart, and minimizing or protecting against… Continue reading Remedies


5th House Learn The Fifth House, among other things, relates to students and to study. I occasionally do public workshops and will post information about them here … [No public events scheduled at this time.]

Home (Me)

4th House Home (Me) The Fourth House relates to “Home” on multiple levels. Since I am the one hosting these services, it seems like an appropriate place to say something about myself … I discovered Jyotish by way of yoga. In 2001 I travelled to India for the first time to study asana with my… Continue reading Home (Me)


3rd House Words The Third House rules, among other things, writing … Please check out my astrology-themed Twitter feed. I post regularly about current astrological events and other things related to this practice: Tweets by btflknowledge